Unley Symphony Orchestra - Members

Unley Symphony Orchestra

Thank you all for your efforts in 2019. 

People wishing to join the orchestra should follow the information on the contact page.

Rehearsals begin again on Tuesday 28th January 2018 in the Unley Town Hall.

The list below shows the full members of Unley Symphony Orchestra Inc in 2019*.

Conductor Peter Webb
Leader Susan Currie
Flute Fiona Johnson Caroline Wells
Oboe Maarten Ryder Lee Amoroso
  Shannon Shaw  
Clarinet Karen Holthouse Richard Pash
Bassoon Caryl Lambourn Liz Ampt
Horn David Clark Elizabeth Fudge
Emily Palmer Kerry Hewett
Trumpet Simon Bailey Alanna Bleckly
Violin Linda Brugman Sharmila Carter
  Chris Carthew Debbie Clifford
Roland Dankbaar Katy Davies
Mary Davies Megan Debicki
Sarah Eckel Elizabeth Ferguson
Vicki Finlayson Judy Fletcher
Hayley Gobell Cindy Gobell
Amanda Healy Amy Hyndman
Leah Kitto Darius Kubilius
John Lawton Michael Lofting
Susan Marshall Ruby Mensforth
Ailsa Paterson Ian Russell
Susan Rutherford Sharon Sales
Sophia Thompkins Andrew Turnbull
Sian Williams Michael Zabrowarny
Viola Pete Allred Judith Bingaman
Betty Bull Rachel Campbell  
Jill Congedi Cynthia Henley-Smith
Katerina Holmes Michael Lofting
Sheila McCarthy Sally Pearce
Mary Raptis Anne Rodda
Caitlyn Sun Eve Tancibudek
Cello Margaret Carney Simon Chu
Jennifer Eime Charlie Madden
Helen McDonald Jennifer Jeffress
Brian Payne  
Bass Ian Goldring Geoffrey Lines
Jo Peoples Mike Pryce


*Full members pay an annual subscription fee (currently $120-00 or $80-00 with concession) and are expected to attend all the weekly rehearsals in the orchestra's playing season which lasts from the beginning of February through to November each year. 

This is a commitment that could not reasonably be expected from brass players, percussionists and players of occasional instruments such as harps, glockenspiels and celestes.

The Society therefore keeps a list of Associate Members - players it can call on as required. Associate Members pay no subscription and take no part in the running of the orchestra but are, nevertheless, a very important section of the Society. The orchestra could not perform heavily-scored pieces without their enthusiastic support.


The Unley Symphony Orchestra is an incorporated body.  The constitution can be read by clicking here.

Operating Procedures

Many people contribute to the running of the orchestra. There are many different and varied tasks which are documented in our operating procedures which can be read by clicking here.